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Proper and Thorough Cleaning for Area Rugs

Area rugs are beautiful, unique and normally expensive residential or commercial accents that deserve proper care since they’re regarded as original work of art that’s been intricately crafted for several months. However, all rugs regardless of their price or design are truly valuable investments because they’ll not only add beauty to your home or business but  will also help in trapping outside dirt and dust that enters the inside premises of your property. This is why giving rugs a thorough cleaning is very important for it will guarantee that their lovely appearance and healthy condition will be maintained for many years to come.

There are certain factors like prolong use, dirt, stains, dust particles, molds and pet fur accumulation that will contribute to the dirty, dull and worn-out look of rugs. Once you start to notice caked or loose dirt stuck on its fibers, it’s an indication that your valued rug calls for a deep cleaning. However unlike carpets or upholstery, majority of rugs call for mild and specific cleaning for they are often made from delicate materials, laid on areas where traffic is heavy and placed directly on hardwood floors.

Ideal Cleaning Method for Residential or Commercial Rugs

Despite the fact that sweeping and vacuuming rugs regularly will help keep them looking clean, a deeper cleaning is necessary in order to make sure that they get thorough care without the risk of causing damage into their materials or dye material.  The best solution would be to hire the assistance of professionals when comes to the cleaning of your rugs. This is because expert cleaners are skilled and highly trained regarding the correct methods used for caring rugs of various kinds, whether the rugs be Oriental, Indian, Persian, Chinese, silk, wool or synthetic in style. In addition, these technicians know what ideal cleaning procedure to use that will avoid ruining the fabric, design and color of your rugs.

With the use of advanced and powerful equipment, professional Canberra, ACT cleaners are capable of removing surface dirt and grime, as well as deep-seated contaminants that are normally invisible to the human eyes and impossible to eradicate with just regular vacuuming. These experts will also apply mild and environment-friendly cleaning solutions will permanently get rid of old or new stubborn stains and unpleasant smells from the rug’s fibers.

Canberra Rug Maintenance

There are many amazing benefits of giving your residential and commercial rugs a proper, deep clean. Hiring qualified technicians to do the cleaning will really make a big difference since they have the skills, enough training, use state-of-the-art equipment and apply specialized solutions that will make any rug get the best cleaning experience and make them last for many, many years to come.

Canberra Carpet Cleaning Services

Canberra carpet cleaning methodsOwning a carpet inside your Canberra home or office entails the responsibility of making sure that they are always clean and looks beautiful. A lovely and neat carpet will not only add charm into your property but it will also help in the improvement of healthy and clean indoor air; therefore making sure that they are in great and clean condition all the time is a must. Maintaining the beauty, cleanliness, health and longevity of rugs can be achieved through proper care using the ideal cleaning method that will not cause any damage to their material or color. Knowing which procedure to use is very important for it will have a big impact on the effectiveness and success of the cleaning result.

The ideal method to use when caring for residential or commercial carpets will depend upon their fabric, color, fibers and the amount of traffic that they receive on a day to day basis. Below are the commonly used carpet cleaning techniques:


This the usual method used by most – if not all – carpet owners. Vacuuming can be done without the help of professionals for it’s a cleaning process that is very easy to do. The number of times you need to vacuum your carpet will vary upon the traffic it receives daily. For example, an office rug that receives tons of traffic everyday must be vacuumed more often. However, using a vacuum cleaner will only get rid of surface dirt and grime but it cannot remove harmful contaminants such as bacteria, allergens, pollutants and dust mites that are often found deep-down the carpet’s fibers.

Carpet Shampooing

This process is done by using a detergent solution into the carpet with a specialized rotary brush machine. Once the rug’s completely dried-up, residues such as dirt and grime will be vacuumed up. There are times that the shampoo ingredient includes additional chemicals that can aid in reducing any foul odors, as well as prevent more soiling. Although this method inexpensive, it calls for long hours of drying and can leave behind chemical residues that may cause further re-soiling and damage to the carpet’s fibers.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning will apply a solution into the carpet which will soak up the dirt and then absorbs it into cotton or artificial bonnets that are on a spinning floor machine. This process is fast drying, taking about 2 hours or less to get the rug totally dry. Take note though that this method is not recommended for heavily soiled carpets like those used in offices or business establishments.

Steam Cleaning

This procedure, also referred to as ‘hot water extraction’ is the most commonly used cleaning method by majority of expert cleaners since it’s already proven to be a naturally powerful cleaning technique that will give any type of carpet a proper and deep clean. Steam cleaning will eliminate both surface soiling and deep-seated allergens or pollutants while using environment-friendly solutions that will not leave behind harmful residues or chemicals. This method is done by applying a cleaning solution on the carpeting to lift and remove dirt. The applied solution, as well as soiling and contaminants, will be rinsed off with hot water using a high-powered vacuum or cleaning machine.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning will spread dry or partly moist cleaning powder on the surface of the carpeting and then will use a machine with rotating brushes to vacuum the powder as it clean soiling and grime. When the entire process is done, the powder will be left to dry and then vacuumed out. Despite the fact that this method dries up quickly, it’s not favored by many professional cleaners since it’s not that efficient in giving carpets a thorough clean and the powder solution can leave behind toxic chemicals or residues on the fibers.

Canberra Carpet Cleaning

Taking care of your Canberra carpets is key to ensuring they last long and look great. To get professional care for your carpets, give us at Canberra Carpet Cleaners a call. We are locally owned and operated, based in the Australian Capital Territory, and we are ready to serve you. We offer both residential and commercial cleaning and take great pride in our work. In fact, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our cleaning services, meaning that if ever you are not entirely satisfied with the work we do, we will do our best to make it right. Up to, and including, a full refund.

We are insured and bonded with a well known insurance company for your peace of mind. Each member of our staff has undergone a thorough background check and is trained and experienced in the cleaning services they are authorized to provide.

To schedule professional Canberra carpet cleaning services, contact us today. We also offer free quotes on any of our many services.