Rug Cleaning Canberra

Rug Cleaning CanberraCanberra rug cleaning service will clean all types of rugs such as Persian, Oriental, Indian, Chinese, Silk, Wool or Synthetic.  We will work hard on giving a residential or commercial rug a thorough clean that will help bring back its almost new appearance, maintain its wonderful condition and make it last for a much longer period of time. Our skilled and professional technicians will efficiently remove surface dirt and grime, as well as harmful pollutants or allergens build-up underneath the fibers. We aim to offer our clients only the best, reasonably priced rug cleaning job that is backed with a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Most rugs are made from luxurious and delicate materials or designs; hence they require specific and gentle care. This is why calling the help of expert cleaners like us when handling the different kinds of rugs is necessary for it will help avoid causing any damage on their fabrics due to the application of improper cleaning methods. For many years already, we specialize in working on hand-made, machine-made and antique rugs, so you can trust in our expertise to properly handle any kind of rug.

Our staff of experienced and trained technicians is capable of doing the various methods used in caring for rugs of all types. In addition, our licensed cleaners exactly know which ideal procedure to use that will not ruin a rug’s fabric or dye material.

We employ the most recent and powerful equipment together with s mild solutions to successfully remove harmful contaminants accumulation, stubborn stains and odor-causing bacteria deep down the fibers that are normally impossible to get rid of with just regular vacuuming. Our service also includes restoration and re-fringing works to offer customers with a complete professional cleaning program that will no doubt bring outstanding results.

Giving rugs a professional, thorough clean will no doubt make them look lovelier, become much cleaner, healthier, smells fresher and last longer. Contact us today and schedule our rug cleaning service.